The best approach to make the transition to a new system is to recycle old PCs. Clutter and e-waste are bad for the environment, and leaving defunct equipment lying around your house or business is much worse.
Prepare your old laptops for a new owner before you buy new ones and dispose of the old ones. Leaving data on an obsolete computer is a security risk that puts your funds, company, and personal identity at risk.

Preparing your computer for electronic recycling can be as simple as following these simple steps. Make a copy of critical files and store them someplace safe.

Even if you’re done with old computer, the information stored on it is still necessary for use with your new gear. Do the following things before you destroy any data:

  • Upload crucial files to the cloud
  • A hard drive that’s external to your computer
  • USB flash drives
  • This is your brand-new PC.

There is no way to restore deleted data once it has been deleted completely. So, prior to contacting an electronics recycling firm, be sure you’ve taken this first step.

Remove the Programs You No Longer Use

The truth is that many paid products like Microsoft Office save personal information that might be damaging if misused, even if they appear safe and even pleasant.

Go through your program and remove anything that may include personal information like your name, address, or financial data before you dispose of your computer.

Take Control of Your Computer and Deauthorize It

Some apps can only be used on a limited number of PCs at a time. Be sure to deauthorize your computer as a user before uninstalling any software. This helps you avoid having to pay for a costly program more than once because of a mishap.

Delete the History of Your Browsing

Someone may readily deduce your online shopping habits based on your surfing history. Once you’ve arrived, you may relax. A cyber burglar can easily get their hands on your personal information and profit from it.
Make sure your finances are safe by erasing all of your surfing history across all of your browsers. This is going to be a total disaster:

  • Passwords that have been saved
  • Take a look back in time
  • Auto-fill information for private forms
  • caching of pictures and other types of data

Investigate Disposal Services for Personal Data

The only way to ensure the confidentiality of your personal information is to completely destroy your hard disc and all of its contents. Cyber criminals will never be able to recover data from a hard drive that has been destroyed using proper disposal procedures.

You should contact a local recycling company that can handle huge data removal demands quickly, because improper data destruction is prohibited. In addition to ensuring that your data is appropriately disposed of, Innovative IT Solutions is ORI certified and uses ecologically responsible techniques to do so. Our data deletion services can help you avoid a security risk.

Innovative IT Helps You Protect Your Old Computer Data

The professionals at Innovative IT Solutions in Houston and Texas will make sure that your data is deleted and kept safe when you recycle your old computer or office equipment. You may rely on us to assist you get rid of any potentially harmful data on your equipment by using our data destruction services.

Make a call to us right away to discover more about our electronic recycling procedure and how we can assist your business in making the switch to newer technology with ease.

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