When dealing with end of life data there are a number of methods to ensure that the data is securely and permanently destroyed. This includes erasing, degaussing, shredding and disintegration.
There comes a time when IT equipment is just too out-of-date or not functional anymore. At this point, there isn’t much real value left in the equipment and properly recycling the equipment is the the best option remaining.
Our team aims to surpass your expectations with our asset recovery services. We process your used IT hardware and provide a maximum return.
Perhaps you are in the market for some updated equipment for your business but your budget doesn’t permit you to go brand new. Let us attempt to outfit you with high quality, refurbished gear from our inventory.

Innovative IT Services

Innovative IT Solutions, located in Oklahoma City is an R2v3 certified ITAD company that provides a wide range of local and global IT services, including Data Destruction, Data Center Decommissioning Companies, IT Hardware Recycling, Asset Recovery, and Buying/Selling Used IT Hardware. Since inception, we’ve established ourselves as one of the nation’s top ITAD companies by providing one-stop solutions for both front and back end IT needs.

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We specialize in sensitive data destruction, end-of-life IT hardware recycling, and asset recovery. Our IT solutions company recycles used computer equipment from local, national and global businesses, thereby obtaining a return on disposable gear that still has value.

We are an R2v3 certified ITAD company that has been in business for over 9 years. We have helped hundreds of businesses including federal/state government agencies, schools and hospitals. Our main objectives for our clients are the re-marketing and proper destruction of their surplus used IT hardware. Our goal is to build long term relationships with our clients and be that third arm for their business and its hardware processes.

We try and make things as simple and secure as possible for our our long term clients as well as our new customers. You just let us know when you need your equipment picked up and we get the gear securely brought in and processed. Then we repurpose as much as much of the gear as possible to limit the amount of e-waste to be destroyed. We then properly dispose of the e-waste and send you a certificate of physical destruction. You also get a serialized certificate of data destruction for all storage devices.

Data security is very important to us as we use the industrial version of modern day software for our wiping and destruction measures. Our normal protocols are the NIST or D.o.D 5220.22 standards, however we can accommodate any protocol our clients require.

Finally, after we remarket and sell everything that we can repurpose, we will send you a serialized audit report and a check for our agreed upon split of the net profit generated.
Read more Our computer recycling technicians have years of data destruction, data recycling, and data wiping experience. As such, we always ensure optimum utilization of our client’s equipment with proper data destruction techniques. This way, your precious office space isn’t wasted on unnecessary computer hardware storage. In addition, using effective data destruction companies like Innovative IT Solutions is a great way to reduce harmful environmental impact while contributing towards eco-friendly e-waste disposal.

Our computer recycling and data destruction department provides data wiping services to organizations and individuals who are concerned about data security for protecting their data against identity theft or data breach. We use special data erasure software to wipe hard drives clean by removing all personally identifiable information (PII). Our proven methods will ensure complete data removal which is impossible with conventional data deleting methods.

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Data is everywhere in today’s digital world, which makes proper management a headache for most businesses and individuals. As such, today’s data security industry has expanded exponentially due to data loss concerns. Data loss occurs whenever the information stored on used computer equipment such as hard drives or USB drives gets lost or destroyed either accidentally or intentionally by users themselves or third parties.

Physical data destruction and hard drive disposal methods have become popular among individuals and organizations looking to erase sensitive data from their computers before selling their used IT hardware; however, modern data storage devices and data erasure software have made data center decommissioning processes faster and more efficient. Data security is essential for protecting sensitive data against identity theft or breaches. It’s important to note that data wiping must be performed on drives before they are sold because there’s no way of knowing what the new owner could do with the data or information on them. Our proven data wiping software will ensure that your sensitive data is unrecoverable, even with the right data recovery tools and physical hard drive access.

Corporate bodies looking to buy new hardware can sell used IT equipment through our company’s convenient process. Our computer recycling system allows non-profits and businesses to effectively part ways with their used computer hardware including servers, laptops, desktops, routers, etc. Businesses and individuals in the area and throughout the nation who need data destruction services can contact us. Our courteous IT representatives are always happy to explain data recycling, and data destruction technology solutions for varied requirements.

Fully Compliant Surplus Technology Solutions

While data destruction methods such as shredding, burning, and pulverizing are still common, data erasure is now preferable to physical destruction thanks to the latest technological advances. Data erasure offers faster processing capability than its alternatives and ensures complete data removal from storage devices. However, it is important to note that data erasure is irreversible, which makes it more secure than other data destruction methods that are still reversible with the right tools and know-how.

Our IT Solutions data recycling process starts with the collection of used IT hardware from organizations and individuals across the United States and beyond. All data storage devices are then thoroughly inspected for data before they are recycled or disposed of via data wiping techniques to protect our client’s identity. All companies that sell products online should provide information about data destruction services in their terms & conditions because it covers them against any undetected identity theft. This helps to avoid legal trouble if customer data isn’t secure while being handled by other companies.

At Innovative IT Solutions, we are data destruction specialists in the computer recycling business. We have years of data-destroying experience so our clients can rest easy each and every time. With us, your sensitive digital materials are shredded, incinerated, or pulverized into fine granules to ensure data is unrecoverable. This makes us an especially good choice for companies that sell used IT equipment that may contain business data. Thankfully, it’s up to you to ensure optimal security of your solid state drives in any given data handling situation and what data destruction method to use.

Your Most Trusted Data Center Decommissioning Experts

With technology changing so frequently in today’s business world, it can sometimes be daunting for companies to stay up to speed with all the latest and best equipment. This is most apparent in the data storage world. There are constant upgrades to the equipment companies are using to store and manage data. Innovative IT Solutions aims to set the standard when it comes to Data Center Decommissioning Companies and maintain our position at the top for trusted ITAD professionals.

Data Center Decommissioning Companies

Common equipment that we deal with when performing data center decommissioning services include servers, switches, storage devices and tape drives. Popular brands that we’ve come accustomed to handling include Dell, Cisco, IBM, HP, EMC and Juniper, among others. As one of the top data center decommissioning companies in the country, our goal is to facilitate the entire process for our clients, alleviating any stress associated with upgrading or pullouts.

Speaking of processes, the attention to detail our data center decommissioning services represent, is truly what separates us from the competition. We first and foremost want our clients to have peace of mind surrounding their data security. All HDDs are handled with extreme care at our facility before being wiped or destroyed. We then provide a serialized report of the hard drives along with a certificate of data destruction for your records. A full inventory list is also provided outlining every piece of equipment audited at our facility. Full transparency is a principal we take pride in at Innovative IT Solutions. Also worth mentioning is we handle all shipping logistics associated with data center decommissioning. Whether we have trucks sent in to pick up the equipment or arrive on site with a team to perform the pullout ourselves, you can rest assured that the job will be done safely and efficiently every time.

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Our Testimonials

Daniel H
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Mike, Luke, and all the guys have been great to work with. They handled my request in an efficient, and timely manner. They went above expectations. I would recommend them to anyone. These guys are great at what they do and easy to get along with to.
Mara Lyons
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Innovative IT Solutions has helped us with our device destruction several times. Each time they have been prompt, courteous and responsive.
Michael McCrackan
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Our company had a tremendous amount of equipment (in two separate locations) to be disposed of and recycled. The team (Mike and Clifford) were very friendly, professional, and kept us informed throughout the whole process. We would use their services again and highly recommended.
Sarah Tavarez
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These guys are amazing for our company. They schedule pickups quickly and are phenomenal when it comes to customer service. We have pickups every few months, but they treat us as though we’re “regulars.”
Chuck Sivley
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Innovative IT is great to work with! Really one call and they make all the arrangements, show up when they say they will and provide detailed reports that we have to have in our industry. Flexible and easy to work with - highly recommend!

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Sure, you can burn files or smash your computers with a hammer just like in the movies but what about digital data? Securing your data is an important step for us at Innovative IT Solutions because as much as 70% of data can be pieced back together if it remains on computer hard drives or storage devices or if proper care isn’t taken when destroying it. You might be surprised to learn how many people fail at using rudimentary data destruction methods. Data doesn’t just go away once you hit “Delete” either; data is still recoverable even after recycling.

If you are looking for the best computer recycling services the nation has to offer, look no further than our company.

We are one of few data destruction experts in the United States currently offering this level of support.

We’ll even offer you a free quote on secure hard drive disposal, R2v3 certified recycling practices and/or IT asset recovery. Give Innovative IT Solutions a call today to learn more about how to get your data completely destroyed with our secure electronic recycling techniques while ideally putting some funds back into your company!

Our Mission: To build long term relationships with our clients by providing them the most options and best return when it comes to their used and surplus IT hardware. We accomplish this by developing a company environment that promotes creative thinking, high ethical standards, relationship building, and continual education on ITAD processes and procedures for our team. This enables our clients to build a custom made back end process for their used and surplus IT assets.

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