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As data becomes an important part of modern day business, more people are using computer hard drives to store information they don’t want falling into the wrong hands. But eco-friendly computer recycling service is something that the average computer user may not know about until it’s too late.

Most people do not realize that it is more dangerous to simply throw unused computer hard drives into the trash bin. Improper hard drive disposal can become a major problem especially if your non-working computer equipment ends up in a landfill where they won’t decompose for decades. Sadly also, heaps of non-working computer hardware already ends up in landfills all over the world every day due to most manufacturers not providing proper shipping to protect them during transport

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Our computer recycling experts seek to prevent computer hard drives from becoming a growing environmental problem by recommending that used hard drives be wiped clean and physically destroyed. This hard drive disposal process typically involves breaking computer parts apart with a drill or other tools.

Innovative IT Solutions is one of the best computer recycling companies in the nation that offers secure hardware disposal for people who prefer to avoid the hassle of destroying their unwanted computer parts themselves. When computer users are looking for dependable computer recycling services, they turn to us every time because we offer the most modern computer recycling capabilities in the industry. Our multiple electronic waste recycling options will ensure that computer hard drives won’t end up decomposing in landfills for decades.

We Are a Full-Service Surplus Technology Solutions Company in Oklahoma City

Innovative IT Solutions has earned a reputation as Oklahoma City’s most dependable old electronics recycling company. However our reach does not stop there. For many years now, we have proudly served companies across the United States and beyond, growing into the computer recycling specialists of the future.

Our secure data wiping program and computer hardware disposal services include data destruction, IT asset recovery, buying & selling of used IT hardware, and R2v3 certified recycling. We also provide our customers with information on how to protect their hard drive’s data and extend the lifespan of computer parts through proper care & maintenance.

When computer recycling has become a priority for your business, call Innovative IT Solutions. Most companies have a challenging time finding a reputable IT expert that has the right certifications to handle secure data destruction, but when you do business with us, you can rest easy knowing that our services have been vetted by the NSA and meet with industry standards.

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As a locally owned and operated computer recycling company, we use dedication and surplus technology solutions experience to make sure that all private data on every device is completely destroyed before it gets resold or recycled. Our numerous certifications are proof of our ability to destroy internal components and wipe any data stored on hard drives properly thus making it impossible to recover information from them at any time in the future.

Thanks to Innovative IT Solutions, computer recycling for businesses across the globe has never been easier. We have experience working with computer companies, law enforcement agencies, local courthouses, and medical facilities to ensure that proper computer recycling is performed efficiently no matter what size your company may be or how much data needs to be destroyed before recycling.