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What is the best way to dispose of old computers and network equipment? Should I just throw it away in the trash?

When you’re buying a new PC, do you think about how to properly dispose of your old one? Do you want your digital ghosts attached to someone else’s new machine? Of course not! That’s why you need to partner with certified data destruction companies for secure hard drive and used IT equipment disposal.

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Contact Innovative IT Solutions for secure computer recycling, hard drive disposal, and data destruction services when you are transitioning to new computers for your company or small business. There are many reasons why a company would need to sell used IT equipment, whether due to an upgrade, change in the company’s operations, or to minimize overstocking.

We can wipe the old data off your drives securely so they are ready for recycling or resale.

At Innovative IT Solutions, we offer secure hard drive destruction by using surplus technology solutions for businesses in the United States who wish to dispose of old PC and laptop data properly before getting rid of them. This way, when something goes wrong with your computer or network, you’ll be glad that all of your company’s old data is gone. Do you get the feeling that your outdated PC or network equipment is no longer useful and/or efficient for the job at hand? We are the surplus technology solutions experts to call for your unused network equipment disposal needs. Our clients rely on us for environmentally compliant data destruction services with local, state and federal computer recycling mandates.

We can help get rid of your previous machine without leaving anything behind! Contact Innovative IT Solutions today if you’re looking to sell used IT equipment for secure data wiping services.