What if you were given the option of choosing between a refurbished Cisco router and a pre-owned Cisco router? The routers are identical in terms of model and configuration. On paper, this makes the routers nearly identical. The only distinction is that one of the routers is being sold “as is” or “used.” The “refurbished” router is the second option. Why should one router be preferred over the other?

Is a reconditioned router the same as a used router? No. The terms “used” and “refurbished” are frequently used interchangeably, however they are not synonymous. It’s no surprise that purchasers are perplexed when some dealers refer to their networking equipment as “refurbished” without providing documentation of the refurbishment process. You can at the same time sell old CISCO equipment for some extra money.

While all used routers are refurbished, not all refurbished routers are used. Find ISO certified refurbished Cisco routers that are thoroughly tested, cleaned, and repaired as needed to ensure that they are always the superior, trustworthy alternative. In addition, refurbished routers purchased from a reputable reseller will be tested and returned to OEM factory specs. Do you have any used equipment? Find reconditioned routers come with a warranty and a performance guarantee, and they’re more likely to qualify for Cisco Smart Net Total Care or third-party maintenance. Think again if you think you can receive this quality guarantee with any secondhand router.

While used and refurbished routers may appear to be identical at first glance, only refurbished routers will deliver a like-new product you can rely on. Call our professionals to sell used CISCO equipment for a free consultation and learn how refurbished Cisco equipment may benefit your organization.

Pro: Using Cisco equipment allows you to save money.

While Cisco is a well-known brand, new Cisco products aren’t noted for their affordable prices. Buying pre-owned Cisco devices is a terrific way to save money, whether you have a tight IT budget or simply want to save more money.

Advantages to Point out

Pro: You won’t have to upgrade your entire network.

What if your company is at the point where it needs some new equipment but isn’t quite ready for a complete overhaul? Purchasing secondhand Cisco devices can help you postpone an upgrade until you’ve maximized the value of your current network. You can find someone who is about to sell old CISCO equipment.

Pro: You are helping the environment.

Purchasing pre-owned Cisco gear not only lets you to obtain high-quality equipment at a lower cost, but it keeps perfectly operational items away of landfills for a longer period of time. This cuts down on landfill waste and the environmental impact your company has.

Pro: Maintain a flexible support strategy for your Cisco gear.

You may believe that if you purchase used Cisco products, you will not receive Smart Net Total Care maintenance support. If you’ve done your homework before buying and purchasing Cisco devices, you’ll know that you can discover reputable third-party maintenance programs to support the certified pre-owned equipment you acquire. It provides coverage comparable to OEM support at a cost of 50-60% less than OEM services.

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