We’re surrounded by technology, aren’t we? And in this world of technology, data plays the most vital role. Whether it’s your business data or something personal, they need to be protected. If your data is in the wrong hands, you could possibly think what might happen. If you are running a company that produces lots of data every year, you must make sure your data is safe. There are many instances of data-theft and stealing, and this is nothing more than a disaster. When somebody steals your data, they do it for a meaner cause. When you have old devices such as a computer, laptop and hard drive to get rid of, make sure you destroy the data before you send them for recycling. Degaussing hard drives will make sure your data is permanently eliminated from your device.

What Does Degaussing Refer to?

Degaussing is an effective method of destroying data. Hard drives used to record information in its magnetic domain. The purpose of degaussing is to destroy the data permanently as it eliminates the magnetic domains. If you want to learn more about degaussing hard drives, contact your local data destruction company.

When it comes to degaussing, you should know that it only works for the devices that store data magnetically. Since SSDs store data in the memory chips instead of magnetic domains, degaussing is ineffective for such devices. Two other alternative options to data degaussing are Data Wiping & Storage Media Destruction.

Data Wiping

Data wiping is an effective method for wiping out data that cannot be recovered. It uses a software-based solution.

Why Is Data Wiping an Important Option?

  • It removes data securely from both traditional hard drives and SSDs.
  • Data Wiping eliminates data permanently. It makes sure the data is unrecoverable.
  • Wiping helps you resell your old hard drives. You can also reuse it after the wiping.
  • It protects your devices from b coming landfill.

Storage Media Destruction

Storage destruction is a method that physically destroys data from storage devices. It involves shredding, disintegrating and many more.

Why Is Storage Media Destruction an Important Option?

  • Once the data is destroyed, it cannot be recovered by any third party.
  • It’s an effective option for both traditional and hard drives and SSDs.
  • This is a cost-effective solution.

Risk Factors

  • Data can still be recovered when storage devices are not destroyed properly.
  • After the destruction, you cannot reuse the device.
  • In many cases, it creates harmful e-wastes.

Securing the data is extremely important. Not everyone can destroy the data permanently. That’s why you should choose Innovative IT Solutions. We have certified experts to help you destroy your data. When you are with us, your data is 100% secured. Call us today to learn more about our services.

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