In this era of technology, everything is digitized such as our data, money, information and everything is on the internet. We have digitized all of our sensitive information to do all the work very quickly and to ensure full protection. But there are many holes in that plot. If you are not careful enough, then hackers may steal your sensitive data by using the software.

There are many people who store their data on hard drives or other storage devices. When they do not need it anymore, they just wipe it out or drill a hole within it. But it cannot protect their data from hackers. Have you seen the web series called Mr. Robot? Then you can understand the importance of destroying storage devices in a proper way. If you want to secure your sensitive data even after you don’t need it anymore, then contact the hard drive destruction service. Here, we have shared a few Ineffective Destruction Methods of hard drives that are very dangerous too.

Drilling Holes in Hard Drives

It is true that if you drill a hole in the drive, then no one can run the drive. The hard drives do not have any air inside the enclosure. Once you have drilled a hole, you have filled the place with drill swarf, platters. If anyone tries to lower the drives onto the rotating platters, then it will crash the thing. But this method will not prevent the hackers who will put the platter under a magnetic force microscope and are able to read all of your data.

Microwaving the Hard Drives

Putting the hard drives in the microwave is the most ineffective way to destroy sensitive data. But it can increase the risk of getting a fire in your own house. You may think that after microwaving it, no one can use the HDD anymore. But that is completely wrong. You should know that the microwave does not affect the platter and as a result, the hackers are still able to recover data from the HDD. If you want to buy new hard drives, then make sure to find a hard drive shredding near you and destroy your data in a secure way.

Reformatting the Drive

You may wonder why someone has to take these dangerous paths to erase their data. There is a simpler one. You just have to reformat your drive and that’s it. It is like clean white paper. But it is not true at all. Any expert with a couple of software can recover your data from the storage drives very easily.

Don’t Let Others to Hack You

Remember, if you give your storage devices to a hard drive destruction service, then you do not only save yourself from the hackers but also are doing a favor to the environment too. Throwing the storage on landfill is increasing the chances of pollution. Therefore, you should contact Innovative IT Solutions to destroy your data in a secure way.

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