Take a moment before throwing out your old Cisco switches. You can safely dispose of or sell your old Cisco equipment by following these five guidelines.

Cisco Switches Used For Sale

Only 29% of the e-waste that is produced each year is recycled, which can lead to the expense of billions of dollars in the future to clean up. You may be able to find a new use or sell used Cisco equipment or to a recycling center which accepts them before you throw them away.

While many of us strive to keep our lives as clutter-free as possible, it’s inevitable that we’ll end up with obsolete equipment as technology advances. However, the environmental and social costs are simply too high to throw it away once you no longer need it.

Many people wonder how they can recycle their old Cisco switches or other out-of-date tech. Why not recycle your old technology first before putting it in the trash?

Recycling Old Computers

Even government offices and libraries have computer recycling services and e-waste are available.

There are many components in used Cisco switches and other technology that may be reused after recycling. Technology is made up of metal, glass, and plastic, all of which can be recycled. Batteries are the only thing that requires special attention. Batteries should be removed before you reuse any old technology, and they should be recycled in a separate bin. Batteries from older devices are generally accepted in most places that accept older technology.

Lead and mercury contamination of groundwater and soil can result from the disposal of these chemicals in landfills.

See if there are any notices that announce about the e-waste drop-offs in your area. If you’d like to learn more about the situation, you can contact your city council or town hall. A school or college’s IT department can help you determine when it’s time to get rid of your old technology.

Repurpose Technology That Is No Longer In Use

Even if something no longer serves a purpose for you, that doesn’t mean it has stopped working. It’s possible to have a lot of fun fixing up old computers that aren’t very fast but are still functional.

If your technology is still functional, consider selling it or donating it to a good cause. Nonprofits like community centers and domestic violence shelters are always in need of used Cisco switches. A piece of furniture you’ve had for a long time could be a new addition to their workplace.

Working equipment is welcome in any office that relies heavily on donations. In some cases, there may even be a staff member who knows how to fix the issue.

If you or your family are involved in any extracurricular programs, talk to your local school about it. If you’re looking for a place to volunteer, see if they can use your skills. You can always donate to Goodwill, but it will make you feel better to give to a cause close to your heart.

If everything goes according to plan, keep an eye out for any sort of drive organized by the girl scouts or a church. Donating old technology to their sales or auctions can be a great way to raise money.

Upgrade Your Computer with Used Parts

However, despite your desire for something new and exciting, it may not be within your financial reach right now. Unlike other forms of technology, switches allow you to mix and match components.

Check the components of your switch to see if they’re better than those of the one you’re keeping before deciding to get rid of it. You could spend hundreds of dollars on a new internal component. For no additional cost, you can double the power of the system you’re keeping if your systems are compatible.

In addition, you’ll save on garbage disposal costs.

If you have old hard drives that are still functional, you can use them to store data that you don’t need right now but will later. It is possible to connect older monitors to newer monitors and keep the older one. You’ll be able to increase your productivity by extending your viewing area.

Offer It to a Tech Firm

Companies buy back old technology in order to encourage recycling and accumulate their facilities to repair with plenty of materials they can use. If you’re looking to recycle or reuse old technology, the EPA has a directory to help you find the best options. Look up a product or a location using the drop-down menus.

You may be able to find additional information about your technology by visiting the company’s website.

Even if you didn’t purchase electronics from Best Buy, you can still return them for a refund. Smartphones can be returned with expense of some hundred dollars by phone sellers. You may even be given the option to upgrade your vehicle.

Amazon allows you to exchange your old electronics for a gift card to their store. Video games, CDs, and even old computers are all fair game. Old printer cartridges can be sold to office supply companies for a few dollars off or recycled for free.

Don’t Forget to Delete All of Your Information!

In the event that your old Cisco switches or other equipment of computer contains any data, be sure to erase it. When it comes to passwords, even if you assume the best of intentions, it’s always a good idea to keep them private.

If a thief gains access to your computer, they could use your password to access your bank accounts and other financial information. It’s possible that in the wrong hands, technology could be dangerously dangerous.

If your Cisco switch is old, don’t worry about it. There are times when they last longer than you expect. There is a good chance that they will be able to save everything that can be saved.

Get Rid of Your Old Cisco Switches the Same Way You’d Dispose of a Piece of Equipment

Switches should be recycled in the same manner as recycling technology. Despite the fact that the internal components will be different, the overall concept is the same. Make sure your old gadgets don’t end up in a landfill by properly disposing of them.

Start recycling or selling your old technology by contacting Innovative IT Solutions today.

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